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Oil-based waterproof paint marker pens for painting drawing acrylic paint marker pens for kids
The waterproof paint marker pen is designed for the kids, adults, students, artists and professional designers. The marker pen is a perfect gift for the journals, arts and crafts, DIY projects, scrapbooks and more.

What are the wonderful features of the waterproof paint marker pens as follows:
1. The waterproof marker pen can enable the smoothly painting and drawing etc..
2. The marker pen has adopted the oil-based ink, which is odorless, non-toxic and environmental friendly.
3. The waterproof marker pen can allow the kids, students to paint on the paper.
4. The marker pen is just a wonderful gift for the people who like drawing, sketching, etc..
5. The waterproof marker pen is very suitable for the children and adults to use.
6. The marker pen is safety and non-toxic, which has adopted the 100% acrylic material.
We can concluded that the waterproof marker pen is suitable for people of all ages to use safely, which is very safe to use.
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