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Plastic and Metal Electric Automatic Pencil Sharpener for Kids Students in School Office
The electric automatic pencil sharpener is made of plastic and metal, which can be used in the school and office. The pencil sharpener is suitable for the kids and students.

The electric pencil sharpener has so many advantages as follows:
1. The automatic pencil sharpener can auto-stop when finished.
2. The pencil sharpener can automatically exclude the broken lead.
3. The elctric pencil sharpener can 360-degree fast sharpen.
4. The pencil sharpener is made of durable ABS material, eco-friendly, and the color doesn’t fade.
5. The pencil diameter from 6-8mm can be sharpened.
6. The automatic pencil sharpener has three colors, blue, pink and white, which can satisfy the different needs of the customers.
7. The auto stop feature of the pencil sharpener can prevent the sharpener from being used to avoid hurting if the lid is opened.
8. The pencil sharpener can be used at home, in the office, in the classroom, and the artist’s studio. 
The pencil sharpener is just a wonderful partner for the students and kids in the classroom.

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