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The Portable Book Stand Holder Has Pink and Blue Colors to Satisfy the Different Needs
This portable book reading stand holder has two colors, pink and blue, which can totally satisfy the different needs of the customers. And also it can clip the books and devices, which cannot only free the hands, but also can achieve one-handed flipping the pages.

What’re the features of this portable book reading stand holder? Let’s see it together as follows.

1. This book reading stand holder has adopted the environmental ABS material, safe and non-toxic.
2. The book stand holder is foldable and portable, so you can put it into your bags and taken it to anywhere as you like.
3. This book reading stand holder can adjust the reading height to 0-180 degrees, which can make the people avoid the neck and cervical spine soreness.
4. The book stand holder is suitable for the students, teachers, families, officers for reading and studying.
5. It can be used for the school, home, kitchen, bed and so on.
6. The book stand holder can clip the books from 11 to 50cm, which includes the magazines, textbooks, ipad, kindle, mobile phones and so on.
7. No need both hands to turn the pages, just one hand can flip the pages.
And also, this book reading stand holder is just a wonderful gift for the people who love reading and studying, such as, the families, friends, and so on.

If you want to learn more, please feel free to visit https://www.huaxiangstationery.com/products/9/11/85.html.

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